Oil, Lotions Enviroment

I use a deluxe table, with cotton covers and Hamman towels (used in turkish baths,these double as second table cover for you to lay on and as a personal towel for showering with). Candles in the darker/winter evening, low level mood lights at other times.
 I do not use your typical spa music, what I use is refreshingly different (but it is spa m
music with extra attitude, very relaxing and refreshing, and slightly funked up). Definately appropriate.
Room temperature is always monitored, shower facilities and toiletries available to all.Refreshments available

I use professional organic base products that I blend together to form my massage base oil. These oils include wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, peach kernel oil and coconut oil with added essential oil (or plain for no scent)
All of my product are benificial if left on the skin, and some are light and moisurising. At the beginning of the appointment I will either ask or recommend a product.
I never use cooking oils such as olive oil as these contain chemical stabilisers.
I add essential oils to the base oil, I source these from Neals Yard. This is to create specific blends.

I also use pre-mixed oil products from Aveda and Natrallythinking, these products have a exquisite aroma and work to aid the body in healing specific problems. These are very fine and expensive oils and best left on the skin. Products currently in use:
Re-newed Energy: Great for those that need to re-energise and those that suffer from jet-lag.
Deep-Muscle Rub blend- for healthy muscle function, great for those that work out and exercise on a regular basis. helps clear toxins and improves blood flow.
Tranquility- For those that need to deeply relax, great for evening massage

Massage Wax: Tui Sports wax & Tui Spiced Orange wax. A beeswax based product which melts on the skin. Imported from New Zealand, these have added aromas that work. The spiced orange is great for aches and pains, helping to disperse lactic acid. This product should be left on the body.

Lotions: I use Biotone Advanced Therapy, hypo-allogenic. one of the most expensive products on the market, but a personal choice of many respected masseurs. This is great for those that need to feed thier skin, great for black, tanned and sun kissed holiday skin. Feeding your skin without leaving you feeling greasy. This is an unscented product.

Massage Gel: Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel: Light yet with a high slip rate, Works like an oil, but without that oil feel. Acts like a moisuriser if left on the skin. This product is unscented.

Biotone Soothing Body Butter: luxuriously silky, this ultra-hydrating massage butter contains pure African Shea Butter, and replenishing oils of Jojoba, Avocado, Peach and Sunflower. Wheat Amino Acids and Beta Glucan are specially added to protect the skin while retaining moisture. I occasionally add Frankinsence and Grapefruit essences to add extra aroma

For Scalp and feet, I use a japanese head and face oil from Fushi which an uplifting blend of the finest botanical oils. designed to be absorbed. For feet use cooling foot sprays followed by a peppermint and shea butter foot lotion or Tui Peppermint wax balm. And my choice sensual lubricant is ID Pleasure