If you need to cancel or re-arrange your booking for any reason, please contact me ASAP. SMS text messages or by phone is the best and easiest way to contact me (but email is acceptable). Ideally I prefer 24 hours notice, but i know that this is not always possible. This allows me to sell the session on to someone else without any loss to myself.

If you cancel with less than 3 hours notice, a cancellation charge of 25% is expected.

If you cancel just before, or after your appointment has started then full payment is expected.

These payments can be made discretely via AMAZON UK Gift Certificates using a credit/debit card (ask me how)

No Timewasters Please

Please respect my time, I am a busy guy and I do this for a living. Timewasters and NO SHOWS that make no attempt to cancel thier booking will be blacklisted from my service and I will seek full payment for the time that you have wasted.